Monday, March 31, 2003

Resolving W2K3 Issues

As I figured he would, Greg was all over my problem with NewsGator. It turned out that - for whatever reason - the changes in the reg file he sent me last time didn't kick in when I ran it this time. Once I modified the registry settings by hand, everything started working. Whew!

My other problem is quite a bit worse: since the days of Beta 1 of W2K3, I have been unable to get my SoundBlaster Live! Platinum 5.1 working properly on my desktop machine. I don't know why, but the mixer device just won't install properly. Since I have the odd mix of requirements that this be my music-producing machine and my web server, I'd really like to run some sort of server OS and have full functionality from my sound card. At least now the basic ports are working - I just can't get all the fancy front-panel stuff like Line In 2 working.

Maybe I'll be able to call Creative now that W2K3 is a (nearly) released OS. Can't say I have much hope for them supporting a server platform, though. In the meantime, if anyone has had any luck on this front, let me know.

At least I'm not alone: Ingo is having problems too.


  1. Remember Windows 2000 ? How we had to wait for months until Liveware 3 went out, and they weren't even good drivers ? By the time, I had already ditched my SB Live 5.1 for the, IMHO, far superior Game Theater XP. Creative is just that bad at making drivers. You could try the alternative kx drivers :

  2. If these work, I'm naming my first child Nidhogg. Thanks!