Tuesday, March 4, 2003

Well, It Felt Good for a While

OK, so when I figured out that I could use Terminal Services to get at a full-up administrative login on my machine, I was missing a couple of things.

1) This isn't an option for people running Windows XP.
2) It requires that I disable Offline Files.

The first is really no big deal - it sucks for everyone else, but I've got WS2003, so I'm all set. The second one is the killer - I do make use of Offline Files, in particular when I travel. "Oh well," I thought, "I'll just use Fast User Switching, like Joeseph Shook suggested." Two problems with that:

1) I can't figure out how to turn it on (yet) in WS2003.
2) Assuming 1 is just because I'm dumb, when I do turn it on, it will preclude me joining a domain.

Right now I'm running my laptop outside a domain. But I'd really like to join up on a domain when I get my other computer flipped over to WS2003. It really sucks that I have to choose two of offline files, joining a domain, and using Terminal Services, since I want all three. But this just hammers home the point that Keith made about how developers can't assume that regular users run as non-administrators. I'm still struggling with it.


  1. Bummer dude... From help on WinXP (and one would assume that the same would apply for WS2k3 "- Fast User Switching is not available on computers that are members of a network domain."

  2. Right, but assuming I'm not on a domain, can I turn it on on WS2003?