Friday, December 24, 2010

2010 - The Year in Review

Forgive me, Internet, for I have sinned. It has been way too long since my last blog post. But I like to have an end-of-year post (here's last year's), so here at the end of 2010 seems an appropriate time to toss out something about what's been going on. This past year was ridiculously full, both from a personal and a professional standpoint. Any one of several of things that happened would have made the year notable.

For starters, we bought a new house and moved into it in June. I love the new place, but of course moving is always difficult, and months later we still have a significant amount of unpacking to do. By itself, moving would have been enough, but my wife and I seem to have a propensity for doubling (or tripling, or quadrupling) down. So at the same time we were moving, we did a major renovation of and rented out our old place, helped my wife's parents move, and took a cruise to Alaska. Right after that, my oldest daughter started Kindergarten, which was quite a shock to the daily routine.

Simultaneously with the move, I finished up at MSDN, having helped to ship VS2010. Having spent almost all of the last decade working in .NET, it made it a great time to make a major change. None of you who read this blog will be surprised that I wanted that change to involve doing Clojure. Clojure is a really interesting language, but also a very new one. We're seeing lots of growth right now, but of course it's a small market compared to what we hope it will be in a year or three. So I was fortunate that I was able to find some Clojure consulting work at Relevance

Relevance is a fascinating place. Even aside from the opportunity to do Clojure on a daily basis, I find it to be truly different from anywhere else I've ever worked. They take Agile seriously and (IMO) do it right. And where they don't do it right, well, they have a process for changing the process. It quite literally took me weeks to get used to the pace at which they get stuff done: it is a high-intensity, hard-core, hacker (in the best sense of that word) culture where they also manage to keep doing the right thing by the customer a top priority.

Which is why I am pleased to announce that I will be starting there as a full-time employee on January 3rd. See, I told you that 2010 was a big year: among all the other stuff, it also marks the end of an eleven-year span of being an independent consultant. It was a great run, but I'm genuinely excited about the opportunity to work at Relevance in a full-time capacity. I simply could not pass up the chance to participate in the unique combination of culture, technology, and people. And the people include, of course, my good friend Tim Ewald, who started at Relevance last month. This marks the fourth time we have worked together at one company or another, but the first time we've ever both been employees at the same time.

So 2010 was a year of big changes for me and my family, almost all of them good. What will 2011 bring? I have no idea, but I'm going into it in a pretty good mood. :)