Thursday, April 2, 2009

MSDN Loband Rocks

I mentioned MSDN Loband a few months ago. Well, they’ve updated it, and the update kicks some serious butt. Check it out here (the root of the MSDN library) or here (the docs for System.Xml.XmlReader, which show a more typical page). Note the navigation links on the left side, particularly the absence of the tree, and notice how much more streamlined – and therefore faster – the HTML is. I even had a friend tell me that it works pretty well on an iPhone over 3G…in New Zealand!

Now, once you’ve decided you like this version much better than the old one, click the “Persist low bandwidth view” link in the upper right corner and rejoice in the fact that you will always get this view.

I can pimp this one with a clear conscience because I had nothing to do with implementing it. Kudos to the team.