Monday, March 10, 2003

Here I Go Again

I've cut back on my teaching quite a bit since I've been consulting more. It's actually a bit weird now, rather than something I do every other week.

Part of this week I'm in Cleveland. I'll be talking about Managed C++ for two days. As I did some prep tonight to get my brain back into it (it's been a while), I was struck by how MC++ is both the coolest and lamest language in the .NET mainstream family. And for the same reason: it lets you do anything.

Reminds me of an old button I saw once: "C: the power of assembler combined with the speed of assembler."


  1. Yea, and I just learned how to declare a function that takes an array by reference. Oh my goodness:

  2. Yeah, you don't have to look far to find ugly syntax. Still, you've outdone yourself on that one. :)