Sunday, March 30, 2003

It's Fun to Watch Evolution

It's just amazing how fast things move right now. Over the last two or three weeks:

I (and others, I imagine) asked Don to add the content of his blog entries (rather than just titles) to his RSS feed. First Gudge then Don did so, but Sam pointed out that content:encoded was a poor substitute for xhtml:body. Now Greg has released NewsGator 1.1, with support for xhtml:body so I can read it all in my favorite newsreader. Of course, NewsGator 1.1 doesn't work on my everything-is-beta machine at the moment, but given how quickly he's helped me fix things in the past, I have full confidence that I'll be ready to go shortly.

You have to love XML - even if you think it sucks, you have to admit that having some standard that we can all work with easily makes this sort of turnaround possible. Try this with DCOM - I dare you. ;)

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