Tuesday, January 13, 2004

TheServerSide.net Debuts

Ted Neward – a fellow DevelopMentor instructor – has taken a new job. He is the new editor in chief of TheServerSide.net (RSS here), a brand-new website that promises to focus on building enterprise applications in .NET. TheServerSide.net is operated by The Middleware Company, the same people that brought us TheServerSide.com, a well-known Java enterprise development website. Obviously, there’s an opportunity for a lot of synergy there.

Ted invited me and a few others to have a sneak peak at the website last night, and it looks pretty good! It’ll be a site for people to post .NET enterprise development news, but Ted’s going to be filtering everything to keep the quality high. In addition to news, they’re going to have streaming video interviews (the first with Don Box), discussion forums, and case studies. I find the last particularly interesting, because it seems like there’s a general shortage of “Here’s how you do this stuff in the real world” type information.

They’re also soliciting articles for publication, and a couple of mine on broad architectural principles of large-scale system design have been posted. All in all, it looks like it’s going to be a pretty good resource. And Ted is the perfect guy for the job.


  1. "..steaming video..". Would that be something like Don's Barcelona bathtub presentation? I can hardly wait.

  2. :o

    Nice catch. :)