Friday, January 16, 2004

Big Brother Jackpot

My friend Rob Engberg and I had a long conversation this morning about privacy and transparency in society. It was pretty interesting: he's sort of a libertarian, and I'm sort of a liberal, so in the end I think we wound up mostly disagreeing over whether society (my position) or the individual (his position) should kick your ass if you spy on me. :)

Anyway, the upshot of all of it was him seeing what he could figure out (just based on looking on the web) about the nondescript building he could see across the street. It turns out the answer is, “Rather a lot.” While this is hardly surprising to people that use Google on a regular basis, I still found this link to be a surprisingly large font of information about all sorts of stuff. Rob jokingly calls it the “Big Brother Jackpot”.

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