Friday, January 23, 2004

Back in the MSDN Saddle Again

I'm in Seattle this week, visiting my wife's relatives. As long as I was here, I paid a visit to the Microsoft Campus, specifically to building 5. I needed to sign some paperwork so I can get started working on the MSDN re-architecture again. I've been off the project for about six months, but now it's really spinning up again - the work we did before was only the beginning.

What does this mean for you, dear reader? Well, since we're going to be doing a lot of cool stuff at MSDN, and since I have clearance to blog, you can expect to hear about it here. For example, MSDN is making the extremely bold move of implementing using pre-release versions Whidbey and Yukon. I've always admired this sort of “eat your own dogfood” philosophy, and now I actually get to be paid to play with the stuff. Woohoo!

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad to hear that. It let's me know that Microsoft has faith in its own products. I must say that I'm a bit disappointed that hasn't done more than it has with ASP.NET.