Friday, January 9, 2004

The Many Uses of 80GB

On Wednesday, I got the new 80GB hard drive I ordered (only $60!). First of all, it reinforced the wise decision I had made in listening to Brad when he advised that I buy an Antec case with the new computer I got a while back; I always expect to spend two hours on even the simplest of hardware tasks, but I had the thing mounted and running in about 20 minutes…love it!

Anyway, the second drive on my goof-around machine means that Longhorn could finally get installed. Yes, I know that I could run it in a VirtualPC instance, but the machine isn’t particularly beefy, and I’m sort of impatient. Besides, the second drive is going to be my new backup solution…having tried tapes and CDs for years, I’ve come to realize that about the only mechanism that I like for periodic backups is a plain ol’ “make sure it’s in more than one place on disk” sort of arrangement.

It’s not like I need one more thing to play around with right now, but I’m looking forward to checking out all the PDC bits nonetheless.

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