Saturday, August 7, 2004

Too Much Fun With Anagrams

Inspired by David Ornstein (Sodden Rat In IV), I've been having some real fun with this site the last few days. It's nothing new: I go there every few years. But I found some good ones this time:

Craig Andera = In A Drag Race = Grand AI Race

I don't have the best name for anagrams, though, so I also tried “Mister Craig Alan Andera” and got “Giant Crania Mars Leader”, “Stir Male Arcadian Anger“, and “Tim's Anger: Canada Rail“.

Of course, my personal favorite from that same set has to be “Incites Real Rad Anagram”. :) So, since it is apparently my destiny to get others to waste time this way, I'm asking you (yes, you) to post your own best picks of your name/name variation. Don't have a blog? Post a comment here! Let see how many good ones we can get!



  1. If you don't mind minor misspellings, my name comes out as: Niffi Shitrag

  2. A time-wasting web site? Sold! Perhaps combining 'fortune telling' (for lack of better words) with anagrams is a golden opportunity: Clint Adam Andera-

    On heritage- Arcadian DNA Melt

    (adding Mister...)

    On business opportunity- Rent macadamia tendrils

    On politics- Derail adamant centrism

    On the meaning of life- forty-two

  3. Ladies and gentlemen: my little brother.

    Clearly, we share the same defective gene. :)