Thursday, August 19, 2004

FlexWikiPad 0.93 Released

I've just released a new version of my major free-time black hole, FlexWikiPad. You can download version 0.93 here. New features in this, the latest version include:

So it's really coming along! My plans for the future look like this:

 Version 0.94 will probably be oriented toward a complete rewrite of the rendering engine, to make it totally customizable. That is, you'll be able to change a config file to add or alter: fonts, colors, and the regular expressions used to parse the document. I'll probably also take a look at performance, as I'm noticing some lag when typing in longer documents.

Version 0.95 will probably be about adding rudimentary online support, so separate usage of FwSync is not necessary. I'd also like to add a "Preview" function so you can see what your page will look like on the wiki to which you plan to post it.

Version 0.96 will probably be focused on adding hierarchical and historical navigation and fixing the tree view so it actually works.

And then if that's all the major features I can think of, I'll focus on fixing bugs, cleaning up the code, performance, and stability en route to a 1.0 release. If I can get all this done before the baby is born, so much the better.

Of course, for all I know, I'm the only one actually using the thing. But regardless, it's been an interesting experience writing a GUI app, which is not something I usually do. It's been particularly interesting developing it with a TDD approach, as GUIs present some unique challenges.


  1. "Of course, for all I know, I'm the only one actually using the thing.". Now, come on Craig, you know that ain't true…

  2. Well, Jesus, I knew you *were* using it. :)

    And to be honest, I have no idea how many people are using it. I personally know of four other people that I think probably use it on a regular basis, including yourself. But I get no feedback on usage, and the download stats at SourceForge are buggy.

    Anyway, I'm going to keep writing it. One of these days I might add auto-update, which would allow me to collect anonymous usage stats on numbers of instances running.

    Oh, and I *totally* think of you whenever I add a feature, since it helps me remember not everyone wants to use the thing in English with ASCII characters. :)

  3. I have a Flexwiki as the default home page for all of us at our office. I'm using it for managing all sorts of information. Sales stuff, like information competitor products, links to industry specific web sites. I have design documentation in it, test plans, and I just started to write an operations manual for the company using it.

    I even convinced my wife/boss to use it and that is no small feat. When it comes to using new software she is extremely picky.

  4. Oh, I know a lot of people use FlexWiki. I'm talking about FlexWikiPad, the desktop application I wrote. They're different things entirely.

    Honestly, I suspect there are a few dozen people that use it. But I don't actually know.

  5. Duh! 'cuse me while crawl back in my hole :-)

  6. I think there are more people using it.

    Personaly i would prefer the preview and the integration of fwsync over the improved render enginee.

    Additionally i would like the support of more characters then just ascii for TopicNames.

    For example In Germany we need the charachters äÄüÜöÖ... a lot.

    Continue with your good work

  7. Thanks for the feedback!

    Yes, I'm coming to se that integrated online is a major feature point. I may move it up to be the next thing to happen.

    As far as support for non-ASCII characters, I agree that this is something that needs to happen. Luckily, if I implement the render engine the way I'm thinking, that should come along for free.

  8. Gracia por proporcionarme el software

  9. You're welcome. :)