Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Old Site RSS Redirect Added

If you just got a big pile of CraigBlog posts today and are wondering what happened, it's because I finally fixed the redirects for the RSS feed on my old blog. It came to my attention that not only I had forgotten to do so, but that at least a few people were still subscribed to the old, dead feed. Since I'd hate to deprive anyone of my brilliant insights (hah!), the situation has now been remedied.

If you were pointed to the old feed, though, you should really edit your subscriptions to point directly to the new feed.


  1. Hey, thanks, Scott. I'm using Peter Provost's excellent dasblog2dottext conversion tool, and sure enough, that's exactly what it does: I noticed this morning that my old subscription to my blog had been updated to the new URL because his redirect filter issues a 301.

    The problem was that I hadn't configured my old blog to start redirecting the RSS feed. That has been taken care of. It was a simple config file change - took me all of 2 minutes.

  2. What address will the aggregator actually think its reading, the old URL or the new URL?

  3. I'm sure it depends on the aggregator, but I imagine that when it sees a permanent redirect, it simply updates the URL for the subscription to be the new address.