Friday, July 2, 2004

My New Home

If you're reading this, you're aware that I've moved CraigBlog to its new home here at Pluralsight. But why did I move? And why so suddenly?

Let me address the last point first: the move was only sudden from a public point of view. I wanted to throw the switch and have everything flip over to the new site as quickly as possible because I wanted to take all my posts - and the comments on those posts - with me. The longer the lag between the new site going live and the old one getting redirected over, the more information I was going to lose (or have to move manually). So I've actually been talking to the Pluralsight guys about this for weeks, and have spent a fair number of evenings and lunch hours getting it set up.

But back to "why". It's really simple, actually: because I think the Pluralsight guys are an absolutely top-notch group of dudes (as well as being good friends), and hanging out with them in virtuality seemed like it would be fun. They've got an exciting new company going and history, if nothing else, would indicate that they're going to be producing some excellent stuff. When they asked me if I'd be interested in coming over, I figured that if I can help them out by bringing some more traffic their way, I was happy to do it.

Oh, and as a consultant who lives by his reputation, it doesn't hurt me at all to hang my blog shingle up next to names like Aaron Skonnard, Don Box, Fritz Onion, Keith Brown, Mike Woodring, and Tim Ewald. :)

I'd like to thank Fritz and Keith in particular for handling their side the transition of CraigBlog - I've got a fair amount of content, and I had some requirements that they had to run around a bit to meet. I'd also like to think Peter Provost, who wrote the excellent dasBlog2dotText conversion tool, which is what made it possible for me to port all my content in a few hours rather than a few months. He and I are going to be releasing the tool on SourceForge this weekend - I'll be sure to let you know here (at my comfy new home on the web) when it's ready.


  1. Good to see you in your new home among other great guys! Looking forward to the new tool, as I have seen many express the same needs for something like that.

  2. Welcome to our little corner of the world, Craig. We're so glad to have a really smart guy like you hang out with us. Heck, maybe we can even convince you to come give a managed DirectX evening lecture at one of our events ;-)

  3. Thanks, Robert.

    Keith: I'm totally up for that. Sounds like fun!

  4. Hi, here's two thoughts about the new blog layout:

    - The link to your articles should be more obvious. I spent quite some time looking for them on the new site. Move those links a bit more to the top of the navigation pane, perhaps?

    - I'm missing a search function. But I guess that's already being taken care of, given the whole site is still quite new?

    Other than that, I like the new blog. (even though the design of the old one wasn't bad at all either :) So, congratulations and best of luck.

  5. I'm not sure how to move the article links up to the top, but I'll see if I can figure it out.

    As for search, I don't think .Text supports it. Which sucks, I agree, but that was the price I paid for coming over here. :p

  6. Cool! Hopefully it's not because Scott is running some beta version. I'll see if we can't get it enabled here: it's one of the few things that I miss from dasBlog so far.