Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Announcing the Pluralsight Wiki

Being as involved as I am in FlexWiki, it seemed odd to me that I have a repository of articles (i.e. CraigWriter) that I edit once in a while that isn't in wiki form. After all, I've spent a large chunk of my free time in the last six months writing tools to make editing FlexWiki easier. So this weekend, while I was in Minnesota attending a wedding of a close friend, I found myself sitting around my parents' house with no broadband Internet. After recovering from email withdrawal, I decided it was a good time to port my content to the heretofore empty Pluralsight wiki.

And so I have! This change of technologies brings several benefits:

  1. It's easier for me to edit things in real time.

  2. I can ditch the hand-rolled code I wrote to support my articles.

  3. Other people can contribute more easily.

  4. The wiki has a series of RSS feeds so people can find out about changes and new articles.

  5. Since FlexWiki is open source, we get the benefit of any improvements the community makes, without having to wait for Craig to get free time.

I think I've got everything moved over except the translations of my Direct3D tutorial. Because they're not in English, it's a bit harder for me to make sure I got everything right, and I'm punting it for now. I do plan to move those as well, though, after I recover from being offline for four days. I'll also put up redirects for the existing repository before too long.

In the meantime, have a look at the new wiki and let me know if you see anything wrong, stupid, or broken.

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