Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Publishing to MSDN Said Too Hard

Don blogs that  Jon Udell writes that blogging is easier than publishing to MSDN, and that since content seeks the path of least resistance, people tend not to write for MSDN. Well, what if there was an XML-based infrastructure behind MSDN with an API surfaced in such a way that people could write tools to insert and extract content in a web services metaphor? Hmm…I wonder if anyone is working on anything like that? ;)

Of course, this effort would take a while to complete, but if it was happening, you’d certainly want a super-bright, XML-focused person involved to make sure it got done right. If only he would blog more…


  1. Well, we've noticed the problem, and we will aggregate our developers blogs in our local community site. It's not that much of a hack and it catches our needs.

  2. Hrrm. Were you responding to this post? I can't quite make the leap from what I said to what you said...