Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Free eBooks

I always keep an eBook or two stored on my PocketPC for those times when I'm sitting around waiting for something. Well, I came across the University of Virginia's eBook Library, which is chock full of booky goodness. Now, if you're looking for the latest Stephen King or Tom Clancy, you're not going to find it here - the books are free, so I assume the whole collection is in the public domain. But they've got tons of good stuff, from Aesop to Zogbaum. I'm currently reading Moby Dick, which I can't say I care for too much, but My Bondage and My Freedom was excellent.


  1. too cool, thanks! Guy I just hired is a recent UVA grad, he'll appreciate this.

  2. Good Site... always in the middle of reading a few ebooks

  3. suberb books i have ever downloaded