Saturday, April 19, 2003

Book Idea

I had what I thought was an interesting idea for a book the other day. Since I doubt I'll ever write the darn thing, I'll post it here in case it inspires someone.

Basically, I thought it would be cool to write a list of 10 or 20 or whatever common myths/mistakes. More or less the converse of stuff like Effective COM. Could call it Ineffective Programming or something. It would be things like:

  • Creating a one-to-one mapping between database entities and objects is a good idea.

  • You should design your application with performance foremost in mind.

  • SOAP toolkits should hide XML.

  • etc.

I like the idea of making statements that seem reasonable to many people but in fact are a Bad Idea or Just Plain Wrong.


  1. I *love* that ideas! It's kind of like the anti-patterns book, but about something useful. : )

  2. Chris: Run with it, my friend. You are the book meister.