Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Design and Implementation - Episode 1

Update: I managed to mess up the permissions on the MP3 file, resulting in a few "access denied" errors. Ironically, I did this while trying to fix the Content-Type. Anyway, it should be working again. Sorry!


(For the impatient: link to episode 1 (MP3).)


For a long time now, Tim and I have called each other up on the phone whenever we have an interesting or difficult technological decision to make. The conversations have often been very interesting, and are in a large part responsible for the way I think about software. A while back, I was thinking to myself, "Man, we should record these - I bet other people would be interested in this stuff as well."


So we did.


Announcing the first episode of "Design and Implementation", a podcast by Craig Andera and Tim Ewald. You can grab the MP3 here. In our inaugural episode, we explore the topic of web service architectural styles, such as REST, SOAP, RPC, and Resource-Orientation. If you read our blogs, you'll know it's something we've both been thinking a lot about recently.


At some point in the future, we'll get a proper landing page together, with a feed and everything, but until then just watch here or on Tim's blog for announcement of new episodes.


We've already got a few more shows planned out, but with two and a half kids between us and the usual demands of life, I don't think we're going to be able to post more often than once a month. After all, (apparently unlike Scott Hansel(Super)man), I need to sleep. :)


We had a great time doing the first show, and I think you'll enjoy it. That said, I know we have a lot to learn about recording and producing a show, so if you have any advice/compliments/complaints, please drop a comment here!


Once again, here's the link to episode 1.


  1. I'm getting "Access Denied" errors from S3 when trying to download the file.

  2. Getting the same error.

  3. Craig and Tim,

    I listened to the podcast and enjoyed it a lot! I hope you continue them!

    From listening I guess I am still grappling with the whole "transaction" as a first class citizen in the REST world.

    I think my major malfunction comes from having trouble breaking free of the "RPC" paradigm in the case of complex writes. REST makes a lot of sense to me in read and CRUD oriented systems however getting into the state transitioning and complex writes still hurts my head some. I can't wait to hear you guys talk more about it.

  4. Would you mind if we answered your question "on the air" in our next show?