Wednesday, December 5, 2007

FlexWiki 2.0 Release Candidate 1 Available

I just posted the files for FlexWiki 2.0 Release Candidate 1. Woohoo! You can get it here.


Here are the release notes:


This is Release Candidate 1 of FlexWiki 2.0. Assuming we don't find any major bugs, this release will become the final FlexWiki 2.0 version: the Released To Web (RTW) version.


This version sports many, many improvements and enhancements over 2.0 Beta 2. Among these are:


  • Vastly improved performance

  • New tools for editing the configuration files via the web interface

  • Automated table-of-contents generation (via WikiTalk)

  • Page locking (a security feature)

  • Threaded message support for blog/forum-type behavior

  • An all-new default stylesheet for a fresh look

  • Support for file upload and page attachments

  • Improved XHTML compliance

  • Tons of bugfixes


This is not a complete list - there's lots more.


Thanks to Derek, John, and Nathan for all the great code, and to the FlexWiki community in general for all the excellent suggestions and feedback.





  1. Is there documentation anywhere for the "Threaded message support for blog/forum-type behavior" ?

    (I'm initiating FlexWiki internally in our CAD/CAM (Naval Architecture) group tomorrow.)


    Peter Schwenn

    Naval Architect/Software Developer

    DRS Adv. Tech. Center

    149 Log Canoe Circle

    Stevensville MD 21666

  2. The best place to ask that question is on the flexwiki-users mailing list. You can join via the project site at