Thursday, January 10, 2008

FlexWiki 2.0 RTW Available

It's been a little over month since we released FlexWiki 2.0 RC1. Well, unlike certain software companies I could name, when we say "Release Candidate", we mean it: we couldn't find anything majorly wrong with that version, so today I slapped a new label on it and sent it off into the world as FlexWiki 2.0 Released to Web (RTW) version.


So if you've been waiting for FlexWiki to shed its beta and RC monikers, go forth and download it from the project website!


Thanks again to Derek, John, and Nathan for their contributions, as well as to those others who have contributed since the FlexWiki 1.8 days (sadly, I don't have a list handy).


As this concludes something more than two years of work on my part, you can imagine that I'm pretty pleased.

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