Thursday, December 30, 2004

File Sharing Via RDP

This one might fall into the “I'm the last guy to find this out” category, but given that I'm a regular user of Remote Desktop and I didn't notice it until a friend pointed it out, I'm guessing that others haven't discovered this little gem, either.

If you're connecting via the Remote Desktop Client to another machine, and you want to be able to copy files from here to there, open up “Options” and under “Local Resources” check “Disk Drives”, like so:

Then, when you connect to the remote computer, the remote computer will be able to see your local drives as if they were on the remote computer, making it trivial to drag and drop files via Explorer.


  1. I guess this only works when connecting to a Windows 2003 Server (or XP)? As I couldn't find any "new drives" when connecting to Win2k servers...

  2. Could be - I have only used it against 2003.

  3. you can also use the TSCLIENT alias if you're a DOS man

    so \\TSCLIENT\D$ for example.

    Very handy. I often use it to get pictures up to my server that I don't want in the ftp directory structure.

  4. Nice. I am a command-line guy, so this is good to know!

  5. Remote Desktop Tricks

  6. I've already remotely connected to my computer through the computer of a neigbour who lives in the same building I live and like you, by accident, found out about the local devices option.

  7. Craig, I don't know about being the *last* person to find out, you're probably more in the middle. :)

  8. nope, doesn't seem to work when connecting to a Win2K remote end. d'oh!

  9. I am having a problem with printing. No local

    printers so up. I have a home printer and when I connect to work and try to print I don't see my home printer in the list. I added the printer driver to my work computer and it still doesn't show up. They are both up to date with windows xp updates running SP2

    It somehing on my laptop that is causing the problem as I have a desktop at home as welland it works with it but not the laptop.

    Any ideas.


  10. I have 2 servers, one is at work and other @ home. By using your instruction i can copy/paste in to Home server but when i try to copy paste with Work server it will display warning message saying "Cannnot copy test.txt: Windows cannot find'%1!is!', Check the spelling and try again, or try searching for start button and then clicking Search" It is same with any existing file that i try. In addition i can't see local hard-drive on work computer.

    What's wrong? Please help.

    I login as administrator.

  11. THought you might be interested in this article as well about the details of this subject. I was hoping to have Windows XP Pro work as a server in the same way as Windows 2003 Server. But if Server 2000 does not do it...XP surely does not. You can set the 2003 server side settings (they must correspond to Windows XP settings) by going to Administrator Tools -> Terminal Services Configuration -> Connections -> RDP-TCP Properties (Right Click on the item in the window on the right.)

  12. Oh ya, go to Client Settings Tab in the Properties box. And look for the outlined connections box in that tab. There you can check the boxes for connecting to Client Drives, Client Printers, and Default set to Main Client Printer. Greetz and have fun.


  13. Hi I am as well getting the same error when trying to copy from another server using MSTSC ( Microsoft Terminal Services). But the only work around that I have here is to select any file from the destination PC and then go back to the source ( where the file needs to be copied from ) and it works.

    Is there any other work around that you can suggest in this situation. I have as per the instruction tried to change the setting as mentioned above, but still dont not do any good. What could be the possible work around for this ?

    Your responses deeply appreciated

    Thanks in advance