Thursday, May 13, 2004

Yet More Direct3D Translations

Uploaded a bunch of stuff this morning:

  • Portuguese translations of my Direct3D slides. Available here. Thanks to Alexandre Lobao, author of  .NET Game Programming with DirectX 9.0.
  • The fifth and sixth installments in the Direct3D tutorial series, en Francais. Thanks to Kershin.
  • The first and second installments in the Direct3D tutorial series, translated into Afrikaans. Thanks to Ernst Kuschke.
  • Also, I noticed that DotNetPro now has a place to read the German articles I wrote (well, I wrote them in English and my friend Marcus translated them) that doesn't require registration.

If you're interested in doing a translation of anything on this site, please contact me. I'd have no problem with you hosting it on your page as long as I get to post it here too. Oh, and if you see a mistake in any of the translations, let me know on that one, too: of all the stuff I posted today, I can only actually read a tiny bit of the French one. :)

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