Sunday, December 7, 2003

New Articles Added

Frederic just shipped me the latest Direct3D translation, so you can click here to read “Rendering Basics” in Danish.

I’ve also started a new article, Craig’s Random Link List. For now, it’s just a few things I’ve thrown together, but I’m hoping to build on it over time to keep track of things I’ve found useful and/or interesting.

You might also have noticed that I’ve moved pretty much all the writing over from my old site. With luck, I can shake some time free this week to get redirects in place so I can have a single source of truth, which will allow me to maintain everything in one place without breaking any existing links.


  1. Nice to see these great tutorials being translated into such a small language as danish - good work Frederic (and Craig ;-))

  2. Thank Frederic - he did all the hard work. If you or anyone else wants to contribute, I'm happy to include links to the website of your choice along with the translation. Just email me!