Tuesday, December 9, 2003

A Bit of an Earthquake

You may have seen on the news that there was a small earthquake near Richmond, Virginia.
I live near Washington, D.C., about 100 miles from the epicenter. Here’s how
it went for me:

Wife: Did you hear something?

Me: No.

Wife: I’m from the Pacific Rim. That felt like an earthquake.

Me: I didn’t feel anything.

She was right, of course. She usually is.


  1. Am also in DC Metro, thought it was someone moving furniture in the room above us until I read ur blog :-)

  2. I was about 25 miles or so east of it, in the west end of Richmond. You could feel the building moving under you side-to-side, but it was so slight that everyone thought it was someone "thunder-footing" down the hall on the floor above us. :) Our building is new and seems well-built; maybe it buffered a lot of the impact. Of course, the Richter scale is logarithmic, so I can see why 6's and 7's cause damage. I wouldn't want to be around one of those!

  3. Yeah, I'm from Minnesota - we like our natural disasters nice and localized (tornados). The ground shaking up and down with an amplitude of anything more than "Did someone drop something upstairs?" is something I can do without. :)

  4. 15 miles from the center...scared the crap out of us...we were bolting out the door...like that would have saved us.