Monday, November 24, 2003

Found Some New Shortcut Keys

I've always been a big fan of shortcut keys. Today I happened
to mistakenly hit a few keys, and discovered a few more I never knew about (this is
on Windows XP).

WinKey + LeftArrow = Minimize Current Window

WinKey + UpArrow  = Maximize Current Window

WinKey + DownArrow = Restore Current Window

Now if I could just find the shortcut key for FixBug.
Or better yet, CureSleep.

Update: I'm a big fat idiot.

So it seems these aren't commands that are built into the shell, but rather just some
of the default mappings added by WinKey.
WinKey totally rocks - I use it so much, I even forget that it's there. Like I did
for this post.


  1. Strange - those don't work for me. Don't do anything, in fact.

  2. I was gonna ask if you're on drugs or something, but you've already found out by yourself =)

  3. "Move along. There's nothing to see here." :)

    Still, it's a pretty nice feature, now that I've (re)discovered it.

  4. it doesn't work on my computer :(