Thursday, November 13, 2003

Copy and Paste Broken in IE?

So, is it just me, or is Copy and Paste acting up in IE
lately? I'm seeing this on mutliple machines not even running the same OS, but half
the time when I copy something from a web page via Ctrl-C, it doesn't take. I have
to go back and copy it again.

It's enough to make a guy switch to another browser.


  1. I've noticed that also - though only when I'm about to paste into a Microsoft Office application before I've opened it. :)

    1) I see something I need to copy and paste
    2) I select and ctrl+c it
    3) I open an MS Office app
    4) I paste it and see some bogus icon, swear to myself, repeat step 2 and 3, then it works.

  2. I've seen it in regular text boxes, too. IOW, it seems to be the cut, not the paste, that's screwed up. But I can't replicate it consistenly.

  3. I think I found out what I was doing wrong. If you're still holding the mouse button down when you hit ctrl-c, it doesn't copy. That blows, but it's repeatable - try it out.

  4. I can copy but not paste???

    ie 6 and xp pro.

    Checked for virii extensive search nada,

    several programs, and for root exploit, nada

    am at a loss maybe connected to mem?

    running lot of programs at once.



  5. cause was, turns out not enough ram, had to drop programs running or increase ram either way problem soloved


  6. I am having this problem with any app, even notepad.

    if i put some text into notepad and copy it i can hold CTRL and hit V repeatedly, there's a point when the text stops, i.e the clipboard empties.

    This might well be the single most annoying occurence yet!...