Thursday, September 4, 2003

XML Eye for the Object Guy

Tim Ewald is one of the people at DM who has changed the way I think about software.
In fact, he has a tendency to do so just about every time I talk to him. So it’s
great to be working with him at MSDN.

One of the things that Tim has really taken to heart is what he (and others) call
“the XML lifestyle”. Among other things, Tim has been evangelizing an
aspect of this viewpoint that is definitely against the mainstream thought, that XML
is not primarily – or even generally – a serialization format for
objects. Just as he did for transactional systems back in the COM+/MTS days, Tim is
pointing out that OO viewpoints have a serious impedance mismatch with the properties
of the systems we actually need to build.

To that end, Tim has relaunched his
(RSS here)
and named it “XML Eye for the Object Guy”, a very intentional take on
the popular TV show of similar name. Just like the show, Tim will be providing advice
and insight based on his minority tendencies to the masses. His goal is to get us
all dressing a bit more XML, and a bit less Object. Subscribed!

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