Thursday, September 18, 2003

Isabelle Passes Us By

I live near Washington DC, so we were right in the path of the hurricane that came
through last night. I wound up staying home from work on Thursday because I had to
help my wife make a few preparations (trimming branches that were close to windows,
for example) and I didn’t wind to get caught out at work if things got nasty.

Fortunately for us, things didn’t get nasty at our house. The power bounced
for a few seconds four or five times, but that was about it. I even felt comfortable
driving out later in the evening to return some movies to the video store. Along the
way, I saw a lot of lights out and two huge flashes that I think must have been transformers
exploding – I think close to two million people in the area are without power
right now. Yikes! Guess we were lucky on that count. Hope all of you were similarly

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