Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Managed Direct3D Tutorial - Mesh Article Available

I’ve had my latest Direct3D article ready for a while now, but because I author using Word 11 Beta 2, and because the XML format changed between the “released” beta and the recent beta refresh, I had to make some code changes to my website before I could post it. Then, when I did so this morning, the whole CraigWriter.Write section of my website stopped working altogether. Dammit!

As it turns out, it was completely unrelated to the changes I had made. Rather, the little _vti_cnf directories that FrontPage barfs in your site were screwing up my code because of security issues. That issue has been addressed. Sorry to those that came by looking for things today and found them unavailable.

In any event, the Meshes article is now available! Meshes are Direct3D’s way of wrapping up all the stupid little details that make up an object, so you don’t have to remember that your ogre model is made up of 23,000 polygons, and the first 1527 are red, the second 42 lime green, and the rest kind of purple. I like to say that they frees us from working with vertex geometry and let us work with object geometry. Enjoy!

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