Sunday, June 22, 2003

CraigWriter.Write 2.1 in place

I’ve been working on completely overhauling my long-form writing infrastructure. It’s taken a lot longer than I wanted to, mostly due to my desire to do make use of CSS, and my inexperience with that technology. But I finally have something that I think will work for me and for you (for now).

You’ll notice a new link on the left: Writing 2.1. This will take you to where I’ll be putting all of my long form writing. I’ve already moved the managed Direct3D tutorial there. Although I’ll keep it where it is, all future updates and bugfixes will go in the new site.

At some point in the near future, I’ll post the code that I’m using to do this, but I’ve already spent way too much of my Sunday getting this stuff deployed. Still, I’m pretty happy with it – it already integrates with BlogX’s referrer tracking, and soon I hope to add features like RSS feeds for the long-form writing and deeper integration with the BlogX infrastructure.

If you see anything wrong with the HTML I’m producing (and I know you will – it’s got issues) please email me at and I’ll try to fix it. I’d be especially appreciative if those of you who are more HTML-savvy than I could give it a once-over and tell me where I’m doing something stupid.

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