Thursday, May 15, 2003

Long-Form Writing Infrastructure In Place

BlogX is great for posting little blurbs that occur to me. But it doesn't have a good facility for writing long-form pieces, like the Direct3D tutorial series I've been working on. So I set out to write one myself. I wanted it to be based on XSLT so I could easily give everything a consistent look and feel (plus add navigation), but still allow me to write my articles using Word.

Version 0.5 is now done. Accordingly, I've added a link on the blog to the new writing page. More content to follow. I have a whole bunch of ideas for features I'd like to add (e.g. an RSS feed for the articles separate from this blog, last-modified dates in the articles themselves, etc.), but for now I'm pretty happy. If anyone is dying for a copy of the code, I can provide it, but it's still pretty rough.


  1. Hi Craig... I've been hacking around some similar limitations lately and would love to check out what you've come up with.

  2. OK, you'll find it over here: