Monday, January 3, 2005


With a new baby, my wife in school full-time, and some major rennovations going on in the basement, it's going to be hard to find free time to hack unless my current client gives me the boot and I can't find anything else. (Knock wood that doesn't happen.) Nevertheless, I have in mind what I want to do software-wise in 2005.

First, foremost, and solely, I would like to get FlexWikiPad to at least 1.0 status. I've been working on it for over a year in my spare time, but my vision for where I want to get it has changed little. Right now that means working on a decent text editor control that I can use for it. That'll probably take me a few months just to finish that, but I'm guessing when I'm done it'll be even more widely used than FlexWikiPad itself. Stay tuned. After that, I can finish up the last few major features I want to get into the thing, and then go on a bug-smashing tear.

And that's actually it. I have enough other non-coding projects in my personal life that I think I need to hang up the spare-time software gig for a bit when I get FlexWikiPad to a satisfactory doneness state.

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