Tuesday, November 9, 2004


Things are returning to our new version of “normal” around the hacienda, and the munchkin is doing well. So hopefully I can blog a bit more now.

To that end, I wanted to point out this. Go there and type in your favorite band (Dream Theater for me). Cool, eh? Apparently, it's driven off of Amazon sales data via a web service. I've already found a few new bands that I think I need to investigate.


  1. That is extremely cool, I know have to go buy some cds.

  2. This is very cool. I see Dream Theater from one of my favorite band's search (Angra), although it doesn't if you start the other way around. I'd recomend that one, for sure. Search for Angra and you'll see a number of similar paths.

    Avantasia (I and II) was a blast also :)

  3. Ah! Always good to see someone else who's into esoteric progressive metal. ;)

    I hear Angra on Progressive Rock Radio sometimes...I may have to pick up an album or two.

  4. I suggest Temple of Shadows, Holy Land and Rebirth, in that order (but the first two are equally good, although Holy Land is fantastic for its merge of some brazilian rithms into the metal core...)

  5. Excellent, thanks. I'll have to check them out.

    And if you haven't already, I suggest "Metropolis 2000", "Images and Words", and "Train of Thought" by Dream Theater, although "Train of Thought" is particularly heavy, which some people don't like. Personally, I love it.