Friday, April 16, 2004

Wanna See Where I Work?

I finally got over to Channel9 to check out the video tour of MSDN that Chris Sells did. It turns out the tour was of the particular part of building 5 where the work I'm doing for MSDN is based. Since I know you're dying to know, I'll reveal that when I'm there, I share an office with the Kim that you hear him mention in passing, right across the hall from Tim Ewald's office.

Chris does the tour with his usual charm, and you can briefly meet the people like Priya and Rangan that I'm working with to build the next generation of - to paraphrase Chris - the biggest developer-oriented website in the world.


  1. I am curious as to why folks are so enchanted with seeing what MS looks like inside. This is getting a lot of attention...very strange to me.

  2. Because it beats working on a Friday afternoon.