Monday, March 19, 2007

Your Code May Be Suboptimal, But This T-Shirt Is Perfect

A few weeks ago, Eric Sink of SourceGear posted this article. I try to read everything Eric writes - he's one of the few guys on the business side with a background in the pointy end of the business he's managing, so he's got an interesting perspective. Plus, he seems damn smart.


Anyway, if you scroll down to the end of his article, you'll see a picture of the rockin' t-shirts they were giving away at SD West. I don't much make it to conferences any more, but I wanted a shirt. So, because Eric also seems like a nice guy, I emailed him to ask for one. I thought I'd offer to pump up the free advertising factor a bit by agreeing to post a picture of me wearing the shirt here. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Well, I ventured an email and gained a t-shirt. Here's my end of the bargain:



I'm not sure you can read it at this size (click the picture to jump to Flickr, where you can get the full-size version), but the evil mastermind robot dude is saying, "Your code is suboptimal".


My daughter wanted in on the act as well:



Thanks Eric!



  1. Dude, can I use this photo on your bio page? It's soooo much more CRAIG :-)

  2. By all means. :)

  3. Damn, I so want one of those T-Shirts. When are they coming to New Zealand?

    Forget the software (although SourceOffSite does rock). They should be selling those T-Shirts on the website. ;-)

  4. Rob, they should be getting there - I asked for one and I'm in Canada (granted a bit closer than NZ) and I received mine within a few weeks.

    I'm just waiting for issue 2 of the comic!