Thursday, November 30, 2006

FlexWiki Released

First, apologies for the god-awful formatting of my posts just now. I just reinstalled, and I haven't got anything decent to post with - the .Text web page that I'm using right now sucks. Anyway.

I just posted FlexWiki to the SourceForge website ( This is primarily a bugfix release. Given that our last official release was in late 2005, there are a fair number of bugs that have been fixed, too. There are also some minor feature enhancements - you can check out the change list on the project website.

There are three reasons that it's been so long since the last official release: 1) We've been focused on FlexWiki 2.0. More about that soon. 2) We do continuous integration at, so anyone that wanted updated bits could have gotten then from there any time. 3) We haven't had a release manager, so posting bits on SourceForge has been low priority. Hopefully #3 will change soon - we're working on it.

As always, the best place to get support with FlexWiki remains the flexwiki-users mailing list. You can subscribe via the FlexWiki project website.

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