Thursday, April 27, 2006

Irony, At Least, Is Highly Available

It's a great irony that I'm spending today working with a client trying to design a system that must be highly available, and simultaneously struggling with my email server becoming unavailable. For added contrast, the problem appears to be with the company that hosts my backup mail servers - a service I pay for in the name of high availability. :p


At any rate, I hope this will get sorted out soon, because at the moment our email is bouncing immediately rather than simply queuing. If you're trying to reach me (or my wife) and you got a bounce, at least now you know what's happening. You can always use my gmail address instead.


  1. If you're happy with GMail's availability (hard not to be with 7 (SEVEN!) MX servers) and the interface, you may want to switch to use GMail for your own domain:

    You get 2GB per account, (obviously) your own domain name, your own logo, etc.

    To date, I've set up three domains to use GMail, and I've had no complaints.

  2. Very cool - had no idea about that.

    But I just love running my own server too much to want to switch. The ability to set up arbitrary addresses with routing rules, the ability to create as many mailing lists as I want, and generally the fact that when something goes wrong I can usually fix it myself is too tasty to give up.

    Also, I really despise webmail and use it only when I have to. :)