Saturday, May 7, 2005

When You Wish Upon a Star

On Thursday, I was reading David Weller's blog. He mentioned the book Physics for Game Programmers. I thought, “Physics. Games. Programming. What's not to love?” And since I started my vacation on Friday it seemed like it might be a fun book to read, so I decided I should pick it up. Well, when I got home that day, there was a package from Apress with the book inside. It seems that since they liked the review I wrote, I'm now on some sort of list. It's a good list to be on!

Of course, this does raise some interesting ethical issues: if I hate the book and say so, will they stop sending them to me? Hopefully I won't have to find out: so far the book is good. And I haven't even gotten to the chapters entitled “Explosions” or “Lasers” yet. :)

Update: my full review of the book is here.


  1. Hehe. Sounds like a great book. Maby one should give it a try.

    Is there a chapter on exploding alien bodyparts? :D

  2. Heh, I missed your original comments on that book. It held my hand all the way through development of the Physics Illustrator funlet [1] -- which had its origins [2] at your alma mater, Craig.




  3. I'll be sure to loop you in on reviewing the second edition of my gaming books as well, Craig :-)

  4. Shawn: Interesting idea! What will those nerds think of next. ;)

    David: If your publisher sends me too many more books, I may have to quit my day job just to catch up on my reading. :p

  5. I love it, but does anyone know how I can export physi files to .mov or .avi's so that I could upload it to my website? Thanks, G