Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Looks Like It Works

It seems that the MSDN Product Feedback Site works: the System.Decimal bug that I complained about will be fixed in Whidbey Beta 2. Nice to see the loop closed.


  1. Yeah it's working for bugs. Not for suggestions :-(

    I'd love to be wrong but so far I have seen no suggestions being implemented *except* for the ones MSFT had already decided on anyway.

  2. If I owned a giant software company, I doubt you'd see me act on customer suggestions quickly either; the thing has only been around for a couple months, right?

    But of course, the myth is that MSFT is beholden to users. The truth is that they serve shareholders, like any other public company.

    I'd still go ahead and make suggestions: they do get read, and they do influence how people think inside MSFT.