Wednesday, October 1, 2003

MIT Open CourseWare: Resource for Super-Villains

So MIT has this cool project where they are trying to make as much as possible of
their course material available, for free, on the web. There are even some videotaped
lectures up there. Find it here. They’ve got
over 500 courses up there now, although the quality and amount of material varies
greatly from course to course.

I was talking to Rob Engberg, a friend of mine, and he pointed out the following sequence
of courses that are available:

3.43J Integrated Microelectronic Devices
Fall 2002

22.312 Engineering of Nuclear Reactors Fall

2.75 Precision Machine Design Fall 2001

6.034 Artificial Intelligence Fall 2002


In his words: Yes...Everything a good Super-Villain needs to build an army of giant




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